Rates & Specials

Coyote Creek Utilizes Dynamic Pricing

Coyote Creek green fees are based on a dynamic pricing model which gives our guests more
flexibility to choose the course, time, and price that works best for their budget and schedule.
Green fee rates vary based on demand, time, and utilization at each course. This pricing model is similar
to how you book your hotel or buy your airline/concert/Avalanche/Rockies/Bronco tickets.

Are rates booked as walking or riding? All rates are listed and booked as adult walking, if a player chooses to ride or qualifies for discounted rates (junior/senior) those fees will be adjusted at check-in.

What is dynamic pricing? Dynamic pricing is a flexible way of pricing that accounts for the ever-changing variables of our industry such as supply and demand and seasonality. Dynamic pricing allows us to adapt to any changes to the market quickly and competitively, giving our guests a variety of pricing options to fit their needs.

How does dynamic pricing work?  There are a limited number of tee times available to a player each day.  The price of these tee times is based on supply and demand. For example, a Saturday morning may cost more than a Saturday afternoon, because the demand for a weekend morning tee time is greater than an afternoon weekend time.

How is this better for me? This gives guests the opportunity to get the best rate at the right time on the day that works for you.

How can I book? It’s easiest to book online, but you can also call the golf shop (during business hours).  All fees are booked at the dynamic rate for that day, and time that is listed online.

Driving Range

Size Cost
Small $5
Medium $10
Large $15
Punch Card $75 for $100 worth of balls.

Driving Range is open during regular operating hours Wednesday - Sunday. The Driving Range closes at 5:00 PM on Mondays and re-opens on Tuesday at 9:00 AM.