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Men's Golf Association

mgaThe Coyote Creek Men’s Golf Association has an anytime Wednesday Nine hole golf League. It is handicapped and flighted into five flights. Championship Flight HDCP 10.0 or less, Flights 1 thru 3, and Senior Flight optional for ages 55 and over and a HDCP of 26.0 or more. Prizes are awarded per fight for first and second low gross, first, second, and third low net. Skins per flight are awarded.

Our League starts in Early April and runs 22 weeks into Early September. We have a year end 36 hole Saturday & Sunday tournament the 2nd Weekend in September. Handicapped and flighted with skins. We have a inter league Match Play and Senior Match Play. Handicaps have to be established thru GHIN to participate in the Match Play. We follow all rules of Golf and additionally have a rule that you must play with another member to post your score. We do reserve the right to audit any score, and prize money’s.

Course Play: Alternating play from the Front 9 one week to the Back 9 the next week.

9 hole League scores are posted on the Golf Genius Member Portal for CCMGA. All scores are also posted in GHIN using the Golf Genius software.  Ask someone to help you if needed.

For more information please feel free to contact any of the following:

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New Members, please fill out this form and return to Gary Kreutzer at coyotecreekmga@comcast.net