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Golf Instruction

Lessons with the newest cutting edge technology awaits!

Coyote Creek is proud to announce that we have the K-Vest. Affordable 3 dimensional swing analysis and lesson packages start here! These Lessons are for all swing types and player abilities. With our experienced PGA professionals, we strive to make your swing as perfect and natural as possible. We will work with you to fix any type of problems you might be experiencing. To find out more about the K-Vest please click on the link below or call Michael Fletcher at (303)857-6181.



3D Swing analysis. 1 person, 60 Min. $120.00

Starter Lessons: $60.00/hr. All new lessons must complete a 1-hour entry lesson before booking more lessons.

Single lessons                                        3 Lesson Series                                               1 person, 60 Min. $70.00 hr.                                   1 person, 60 Min. $185.00

2 people, 60 Min. $65.00/person                   2 people, 60 Min. $180.00

3 people, 60 Min. $60.00/person                   3 people, 60 Min. $175.00

4 people, 60 Min. $55.00/person                   4 people, 60 Min. $170.00

5+people, 60 Min.$50.00/person                   5+people, 60 Min. $165.00/person


Junior Lessons 15 and Younger

1 person, 45 Min. $45.00                                1 person, 45 Min. $120.00